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Training"Training is most effective if it is needed immediately"

Training is a process of informing those who need the knowledge of the best way to handle/solve a problem. People learn best by participation and directly applying the knowledge to a real world experience. This "hands-on" learning is amplified by immediacy – the need to solve a problem now. Lean Solutions believe in the "Teachable Moment" approach to learning and transformation. The training must be integrated with the problems and improvement process the person is going through. We guide their development through series of milestones and provide training when people reach the level in which they need and can immediately apply the training.

Specific training we have provide include the following:

> Value Stream Mapping > Lean Manufacturing > Concurrent Engineering
> Kaizen Events > Process Improvement > ABC
> Visual Mgmt & Control > Scoreboards & Storyboards > Production Leveling
> Pull-Systems > Set-up Reduction > Workplace Organization
> Preventative Maintenance > Waste Identification & Elimination