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The Pursuit of Perfection. Leveraging the system, knowledge and resources of the business to remove muda and reduce total cost, while continuously improving the value flow.

Lean Solutions is a multi-facetted consulting organization, whose primary offering revolves around achieving profitable improvement through lean strategic, lean systems and lean structure. We provide customers with a systems approach of planning, leading, measuring, monitoring and controlling the change and standardization of critical processes.

Lean Solution is a joint venture of experts in implementing the Toyota Production System. We assist organizations in customizing a lean enterprise to achieve improvements in productivity, reducing lead-time, reduce cost, improve quality and employee morale. Specific benefits include:
• Reduce cycle time by over 65%
• Reduce customer lead times by over 60%
• Increase productivity by over 2% per month
• Reduce manufacturing costs by over 20%
• Improve quality by over 50% per year
• Reduce inventory by over 50%
• Reduce product development time by over 25%